Screening MRI

Peace of mind

Priority MRI performs a tailored screening 3T MRI scan. This is to look for diseases which, in their early stages, are often not associated with any symptoms. Early detection of these diseases may have more treatment options available and outcomes may be more favourable.


Our whole body 3T MRI scan assesses:

  • Brain – for possible cancerous growths or aneurysm
  • Spine – for possible fractures related to osteoporosis
  • Abdominal aorta – for possible aneurysm
  • Gallbladder and bile ducts – for cancerous growths and stones
  • Liver, pancreas and kidneys – for cancerous growths and fatty liver change
  • Uterus and ovaries – for cysts and cancerous growths



In addition to our whole body 3T MRI scan, we offer tailored scans for certain body parts. This includes:

  • Head and neck
  • Complete spine for compression fracture
  • Abdomen and Pelvis (male and female)
  • Pelvis (female)
  • Bony pelvis and hips

These may be good options for those who want peace of mind about the health of a specific body part. As these scans cover less area, they are quicker to perform and are good value.

These screening scans do require a referral from a physician.

As with any medical test, these screening scans have limitations. Not all potential conditions of these organs can be assessed. Additionally, some body parts, although they may be included in the scan, are not well evaluated (including the lungs, large bowel (colon), and prostate gland). Whole body screening should be looked upon as a general overview, not a focused test.  Findings may require further evaluation with more dedicated diagnostic MRI or other imaging test (such as an x-ray, ultrasound or CT scan). We can help arrange this through your doctor. 

All findings should be discussed with your doctor.