3T Advantage

Better pictures

Priority MRI uses a 3T scanner which allows for pictures with greater detail and clarity than a conventional 1.5T scanner. What this means for you is that our technologists and radiologists obtain pictures which can allow a more confident diagnosis. The overall cost to you is no more expensive than other facilities with the conventional 1.5T scanners.

Faster pictures

The 3T scanner allows for scans to be obtained up to 50% faster than conventional 1.5T scanners. What this means for you is less time lying in the machine. Less time for the scan means more time to do things more enjoyable than lying in a machine. This is especially great for people who may get a little anxious or claustrophobic about this sort of thing.

Less needles

Traditionally, to evaluate some specific structures in joints that your doctor may have concern about (such as in the wrist, shoulder, or hip), we sometimes need to inject a contrast agent into your joint prior to having the MRI with a 1.5T scanner. With the 3T scanner, the increased clarity of small structures may allow us to forgo the contrast agent and still achieve the same level of detail.